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If you are religious and reading this blog

Please be advised this blog is not intended to be about religion . It's intended to be about how human brains work and human experiences of a sort that interests me. Some humans have categorized those experiences as spiritual or religious. Religion is a thing humans invented. It's how we choose to categorize some things. These days, most religious belief was passed down from previous generations. Often, children are simply inculcated with the beliefs of their parents and many children are not given a real choice. If they decide "This is not for me" the family may well disown them for it. So it's not unreasonable to say a lot of people are basically brainwashed and bullied from birth into "agreeing" with their parental religion from such an early age that it's psychologically quite hard to resist and amounts to a form of brainwashing. Please don't bring your brainwashing to my blog and project your garbage onto me. I was not raised in a reli

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